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Ben Wright is a strength coach, ex-competitive powerlifter, and the founder of Plexus Personal Training. He is extremely passionate about introducing people to the physical and mental health benefits of strength training and guiding them through the process to achieve their desired results.

He is a firm believer in investing in education and development. 


Kylie Lenton is a Personal Trainer and competitive powerlifter in the -53kg weight division. 

Kylie loves educating others on the benefit and practical application of getting stronger. She always customises her approach so it is relevant and applicable to each individual. Every session is adjusted to suit her client’s individual needs and circumstances.


Bryce Crawford is a qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach who divides his time between our clients at Plexus and the Central Coast Mariners Football Club, where he assists with Strength and Conditioning. Bryce is in the final year of a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Newcastle. 


Laura Newman is an experienced Personal Trainer, ex-bodybuilder, and competitive powerlifter. She is passionate about evidence-based training for improving strength and mobility. Laura prioritises ongoing education and is always seeking to expand her knowledge base. She is currently studying Exercise Physiology (Honours) at The University of Sydney.  


Natalie Barker is a qualified personal trainer who strongly focuses on strength training. Natalie understands the impact of individual lifestyle choices and works in partnership with her clients to achieve great results. 

Natalie comes from a diverse background in competitive sports and has played representative basketball for 12 years.