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Bond Performance, Kensington

Functional Fitness Coach - Bond Performance Kensington & Fitzroy

Kensington, Victoria

Bond Performance is looking at bringing on board a Functional Fitness Coach to join their teams in Kensington & Fitzroy.


Bond Performance

Key Job Category

Group Fitness


Added on 20/05/2024

Expires on 20/06/2024

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Bond Performance is looking at bringing on board a Functional Fitness Coach to join their teams in Kensington & Fitzroy.

Who We Are:

In our years of experience, we have witnessed the unique connection forged between people striving towards a common goal. This connection is born out of respect for one another and is the catalyst for life-changing relationships that can only be described as a bond. We believe fitness is about prioritizing your health every day and seeking improvement in every aspect of your life. This constant pursuit for improvement cultivates an appreciation of one's efforts manifesting in a bond between mind and body. Fitness is a process, not a destination, and we help make the process incredible.

What We Do:

Bond Performance is a strength and conditioning program where our focus is on You: your fitness, your experience, your safety, and your results. We focus on making your time with us the best part of your day. We value effort as effort drives results and care about how you feel in your skin. Our training philosophy is simple: we work hard and never take the easy way out. A good hard workout is challenging, requires effort and focus, and elicits a feeling of satisfaction at its conclusion. We believe in the power of a good hard workout and provide this daily.

Our training model is centred on strength and conditioning, and we use:

Metabolic Conditioning, Gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, Plyometrics, Powerlifting, Strongman/woman, Kettlebells, Ballistic training, Yoga, and High-intensity interval training to keep every day exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

Who We Are Looking For:

The right candidate will need to:

  • Be confident and hold your own speaking in front of a group. We value integrity above all else, so we embrace staff who fit our culture and values and always act with transparency and integrity.
  • Prioritise the member's experience and is willing to share their knowledge as much as possible.
  • Display personal attributes that are supportive and community-minded.
  • Have great communication skills and the ability to connect with people.
  • Have availability of 5-10 hours per week.
  • Casual, part-time, and full-time positions are available.


Through working at Bond Performance, the successful candidate will:

  • Learn valuable skills in client satisfaction, retention, and lifetime member value.
  • Work within a company that values the input of their coach's independent development and creativity.
  • Receive competitive remuneration with many opportunities to grow and develop their role.
  • Be provided with a supportive and inclusive work environment that values the ideas and opinions of its coaches.
  • Receive comprehensive on-the-job training from the gym owner and be eligible for external fitness courses that help your role, which will be paid for by Bond Performance.

Skills and Experience

  • Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness are required
  • At least 1-year experience is required
  • Kettlebell, Olympic weightlifting or any special qualifications will be highly regarded.

How to Apply

The cover letter is to be addressed to Adam and details why you want to apply for this role and what you will bring to this role if successful.

Successful Candidates will be contacted by phone and email.

Application process:

  • Cover letter and CV
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • Group class shadowing

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