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Get Going Personal Training, Rosanna


A rare opportunity to work your way to ownership...

Rosanna, Victoria

Great place for a new PT to learn and grow! NO Rent - Earn $45-$55 per session. Amazing culture - Join a passionate team of like-minded people.


Get Going Personal Training

Key Job Categories

Personal Trainer

Manager - Operations


Added on 24/06/2024

Expires on 8/08/2024

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A rare opportunity to work your way to ownership...

Psst! Hey, you.

The answer you're looking for is right here.

So, you're a Personal Trainer who loves helping people get fit and healthy, right? Of course, you do, that's the best part of the gig.

But you're on this site, searching for something different…and I bet I know why.

Tell me if I'm wrong.

You've gotten certified.

Started working at a small gym or class studio

The sales, marketing, and admin are draining your life.

The pay is either too small or the rent is too high

Going out on your own means sales, and joining a gym means risk!

What if I let you in on a little secret? That you can show up, do what you love, and leave the rest to us?

We're not your Fairy Godmother; we're a growing mobile health and fitness company ready to spread health and happiness all over Australia.

NO sales & NO rent 

Earn $45-$55 per session 

A roster of clients

A dedicated sales team behind you

Your own career mentor

No Catch. No BS.

We've been in your position before so we get it. Too many talented PTs let their dreams die on dusty gym floors because they dislike the hustle and grind of running a business (not to mention the lack of support you receive).

When you join our Get Going Team, you can leave all the headaches to us. We have a talented sales and marketing team who find you clients so you can show up and work your magic. 

And as for the title, ‘Personal Trainer,’ it's so passé. We call ourselves Personal Health and Fitness Coaches because we believe in holistic health and well-being.

The fitness industry is changing - for the better! And we're paving the way.

At Get Going, we're smart enough to know that we're only as good as our Coaches, so we want the best of the best. Experience our support: Get a career mentor, take courses and workshops to level up your skillset, be motivated to live your dream life, and get paid for it!

We have pretty lofty goals about changing the world, one healthier, happier person at a time. That includes our clients and our team members.

Want to know more about the role?

A Mobile Health and Fitness Coach

We'll provide you with the tools you need to build your client books to 25+ sessions comfortably (and quickly).

We Offer:

  • Guaranteed clients
  • In-house marketing team 
  • Your own website profile
  • Custom business cards
  • Branded uniform 
  • Branded car stickers 
  • Area-specific marketing 
  • Social media support 

Oh… and…

  • Access to personal training software & app
  • Training & programming-specific mentoring 
  • Access to client scheduling software 
  • Access to 100's of pre-programmed workouts 
  • Monthly webinars run by industry experts
  • Individualised personal development sessions
  • Client retention training 
  • Becoming a mobile coach mentorship
  • Online community of trainers
  • Movement screening & assessment training
  • Client debt management 
  • Client payment management 
  • In-house customer service team 

Sounds good right? Only 1 tiny problem, we bring on 1 person per job ad…

So I’d get applying.

This has got an extra bit of spice to it too. The opportunity to run a successful business with us. 

Sound good? 

Get applying today to find out more…


  • Certificate IV in Health & Fitness (Personal Training)
  • Reliable car
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Flexible availability
  • Positive attitude
  • Driven to learn and succeed


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