2 Ways to Build a FItness & Allied Health Team

2 Popular Services to help Build Your Team...


Why use a job ad?

It's the easiest, most convenient and most effective way to get as many eyes as possible on your available role. Job ads also provide a means to reach out to professionals that are not yet in our system.

Posting an ad is easy - We do much of the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is filter the applications as they come in.

Your ad can include images, videos and links to any other supporting documents you think will help. And job ads can be edited at any time to better appeal to the people you are trying to reach.

😀 Post your job ad hereHere are five tips on how to write better job ads.


Why use a Business Membership to access candidates?

It's a chance to make direct contact with any professionals that look like a great fit for your business. And an easy way to always be recruiting.

Your Business Membership gives you access to all candidates within 15km of your location. All are sorted by when they were last active on HealthyPeople and can be further filtered by job categories, qualifications and keywords. 

Connect with passive candidates - you're not restricted to those actively looking. It's also a chance to connect with Work Experience candidates as they arise.

😁 We have a range of Business Membership options to suit every budget.