Find Work Experience Easily Via HealthyPeople

We can help you find work experience.

HealthyPeople has been a trusted source of staff for fitness employers across Australia for more than 18 years. 

One of our most popular services is the ability to promote professionals to employers. We're now using this to help fitness students find work experience.

Save yourself the legwork, we can put you in front of all employers in your area. 

We'll send employers an email letting them know that you're looking for work experience. Your profile will also appear at the top of relevant search results when employers are looking for local professionals.

This is a FREE service for fitness students (normally $25 per 2-week promotion).

How do I get started?

When logged into your HealthyPeople account...

  1. In the PROMOTE ME section, click on "I need work experience"
  2. Enter the code for your RTO/Education provider and then 
  3. Click to activate.

Need a HealthyPeople account? Start here.

Don't have a student code?