5 reasons to value quality over quantity

We sometimes hear from employers that they've not received the number of applications they'd like for their job ad. In some cases this is a worthy concern, in others, it seems to be a distraction from the applications that have been received.

It's reasonable for any employer to want a huge depth of candidates to choose from. Unfortunately, the days of posting an ad and receiving a wealth of candidates are behind us. Even when there is a larger volume of applicants, it's unlikely that more than a few are suitable for the role. 

There are many reasons why employers might value multiple applications for a job ad. It could be a sense of greater choice. It could be a desire to compare applicants. Or it could be as simple as wanting to feel like the job is in demand. 

Whatever the reason, this mindset can be a limiting factor in the recruitment process. Attracting a large number of applications is no guarantee that the best person for the job will apply - or worse, it increases the possibility that they may apply and be lost among the noise of other applications. 

Of the many reasons to aim for quality over quantity, these are the most important;


Sorting through a larger number of applications can be a time-consuming process. With a reduced number of higher-quality job applications, employers can reduce the time spent reviewing applications, conducting interviews and screening candidates. 

Reduced time to get to the onboarding process

The ability to progress more quickly through phone interviews, in-person interviews and practical interviews, gives recruiting managers a greater opportunity to reduce the time it takes to get the right candidate to the onboarding stage. 

Reduced risk of losing candidates to competing roles

At some point, employers will experience making a job offer only to have it turned down as the candidate has accepted a role elsewhere. Recognising that most candidates are considering multiple roles, this highlights another benefit of moving quickly to the onboarding stage - it reduces the very real risk of losing great candidates to employers that are quicker to make an offer. 

Improved Candidate Experience

An employer's reputation is important, and the hiring process can have a significant impact on how candidates perceive your business. Candidates who feel that their application is being considered thoughtfully and carefully are more likely to have a positive impression of the business. On the other hand, where a candidate feels that their application is just one of many in a pile, they may not have the same level of interest or engagement with the business.

Better Long-Term Outcomes

By focusing on the quality of job applications, employers can ensure that they are hiring candidates who are the best fit for the business's culture, values, and goals. This increases the chance of better long-term outcomes, such as higher employee retention rates, improved productivity, and a more positive work environment.

In conclusion, while the number of job applications received can be an important metric to track, we don't advise that it's the sole factor used to determine the success of a recruitment campaign. 

How do you ensure your job ad speaks to the right people?

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