Recruit Quickly & Effectively (with HealthyPeople)

Job advertising has long been a recruiting staple for our industry. While job ads have always been a winning strategy, it's clear that what worked back then, is not always working so well now.

The recruitment goalposts have moved.

The days of posting a job ad and choosing from a flood of applications are behind us. Among the many factors contributing to this are:

The point of sharing this is to highlight the need to do things a little differently.

Party like it's 1999, but advertise jobs like it's 2023.

If you want to recruit as quickly as possible, the first thing is to ensure your ad is speaking to candidates. Look at addressing things like;

People remember how you made them feel.

A positive candidate experience helps set you apart from other employers and will back up any claims in your job ad that your business is a great place to work. It's also a chance to lay the foundations for recruitment opportunities in the future. 

Leverage HealthyPeople to fill roles faster

HealthyPeople offers a number of valuable tools to leverage your recruitment efforts:

Ongoing recruitment is easier with HealthyPeople

HealthyPeople offers free and membership-enabled services to help employers connect with suitable local candidates in between job ads:

Recruiting the right people for your business can be challenging, but with the right strategies and tools, it's an easier process.

HealthyPeople provides employers with a platform specifically designed to help small businesses reach a wider audience, more easily connect with local candidates, and find the right fit for their role as quickly as possible. 

Get your job ad posted here. Or pick up a recruitment pack here.