What it's like to work at goodlife

If you're thinking of a career in fitness with the Goodlife team, check out these comments from current Goodlife Trainers. In particular, note what they enjoy most about the role. If you'd like to be a part of the Goodlife team, check out our current Goodlife listings

If the facility you'd like to work at is not currently advertising, try reaching out to Goodlife directly via their general PT recruitment page.  


Goodlife Robina (started Nov 2022)

My Name is Tulio De Lima and I started with Goodlife Robina in December 2022. I now have 35 Personal Training sessions each week and earning ~$1990 weekly. 

My passion for fitness and desire to help others reach their goals led me to Goodlife, where I've found the perfect environment to thrive. The gym's vast size and diverse clientele have allowed me to connect with a broad range of individuals, helping me hone my skills as a Trainer. 

Under the guidance of my mentor and Manager, Phil Kolaric, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of fitness, and am eager to share my knowledge with my clients. 

I love working at Goodlife Robina because of the supportive environment created by my fellow Personal Trainers and the Personal Training Manager.


Goodlife Indooroopilly (started Feb 2022)

My name is Jack Cunningham and I qualified as a personal trainer in 2018. I got into Personal Training as I wanted to try and understand my own training with a bit more depth and structure. This gave me the perfect opportunity to begin a career as a Personal Trainer at Goodlife Indooroopilly.  

I started with Goodlife Indooroopilly just over 12 months ago and have not regretted it. The support from my PTM Kendra has been a massive assistance in helping me run my business over this time. 

Looking back over my first year, there have been some ups and downs but I love running my own business and the responsibility that comes with this. If this is something, you love then it is worthwhile taking the plunge and getting started. I am now looking forward to my second year and have some big plans to look forward to putting into place with the help of Goodlife.


Goodlife Lutwyche (started Oct 2022)

I’ve always liked the Goodlife brand, their facilities, equipment, and general atmosphere of the clubs. And the team is awesome, so you enjoy coming to work and sharing the good times with them. 

The ongoing support from the PT Manager, Kym, has been incredibly valuable. Having a dedicated sales team helps keep fresh faces coming in the door. 

Kym runs professional development sessions every week to improve our skills as trainers and business owners. Kym also offers one on one meetings with Trainers to check in and provide guidance, especially if you are struggling. 

Joining Goodlife has been a fantastic decision. Goodlife and the staff seem to care about improving the club and making the most of their day. I’m truly proud of the results and connections I share with my clients and that we all continue to grow and improve.