Our Core Values

For many years HealthyPeople has operated with a set of core values, shared by our team, but not articulated. 

As we've continued to grow, we realise the importance of providing everyone with a 'True North' to guide their actions and to help them better understand our expectations. 

We also appreciate that making these core values visible to our community is an important part of demonstrating both what can be expected from us and the standards to which we hold ourselves. 


1. Respond quickly and effectively to all issues and queries

Everyone should know that they have been heard. Not everything can be resolved immediately, but we want everyone to feel like their issues are important and will be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. 

2. Be welcoming and friendly in all interactions

Making people feel welcome and valued is an important part of our business. It's also the first step in encouraging repeat and referral business. 

3. Deliver with an attention to detail

Zero corners cut. All t's crossed. All i's dotted. 

4. Embrace and drive change

The only constant is change, and it's always better to lead change than to be led by it. We're always open to improvement via gains in efficiency, productivity and systems. 

5. Support, camaraderie, collaboration, and team cohesion

By pulling together, we have the greatest chance for success, both as a team and as individuals.

6. Provision of unbiased and accurate information

All information provided by HealthyPeople is delivered with the recipient in mind. We are not influenced by what is in our best interest. Nor are we swayed by the interests of third parties.

7. Ownership of work and achievements

In the support of our community, taking ownership is an important part of ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks. And a sense of ownership is an important part of job satisfaction.

8. A focus on delivering value for our community

In all our communication, actions and initiatives, the driving force is to provide the greatest possible value for our registered fitness professionals. 

9. Demonstrate leadership in all we do

As leaders, we have a responsibility to demonstrate best practice and set an example wherever possible.

10. Build strong relationships with communication

Whether amongst our team, with clients or with suppliers, open lines of communication are an important part of building strong, productive and lasting relationships.